Skeels Christian School is committed to providing the best educational experience that we can for our students. We are asking families and businesses to come together and invest as a community to support education and enrichment for our students.

Our school does not receive state funding, and uses the money raised thru fundraisers, tuition and donations to maintain our school and provide a prestigious academic experience for our students.

Become A Sponsor

Take Home Thursday Sponsors:

Cook’s Forest Products

Ace Electric Plumbing and Heating                                                                        989-345-2965

Barnes Construction                                                                                              989-246-1980

Countryside Firewood LLC                                                                                   989-578-2347                                                               

Coleman Family Pharmacy                                                                                 989-465-6661

Please remember to support our sponsors!

What is a Take Home Thursday Sponsor?

A Take Home Thursday Sponsor is a business or family whom pledges a minimum $250 for an annual sponsorship.

What are the perks of a Take Home Thursday Sponsorship?
Your business or family name will be listed on:

  • Sponsorship page on website
  • Facebook Page

What is the sponsorship money used for?
Profits from sponsorship’s have been used for school supplies, playground equipment and gym equipment.

How can I become a Take Home Thursday Sponsor?

Contact Skeels Christian School by phone 989-240-2190 or by email at

Where does your sponsorship appear?

  • The Thursday Newsletter that is sent home to every family once a week. (Gladwin County, Clare County, Ogemaw County, Roscommon County)
  • On Skeels Christian School Website
  • Facebook Page

How long will your advertisement be “visible”?

  • “Take Home Thursday Newsletter” for an entire school year (About 75  a week)
  • Website: Now through August 30, 2024
  • Facebook: Now through August 30, 2024

Listing will have Business name, City, Email, Phone Number. Please attach Business Card

Sponsorship costs $250.00 per business. Can be paid by check, cash, or credit card.


Become a Sponsor

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Listing will have Business name, City, Email, Phone Number. Please attach Business Card

For sponsorship sign up or questions, please contact: The school office at 989-240-2190 or email the school office at

Support Skeels Christian School today.

At Skeels Christian School students educational experience is enhanced by the generosity of our community who gives its time, resources, and expertise in support of the school.