Skeels Christian School Tuition

Skeels Christian Schools is a private school funded by tuition, grants, donations and sponsorships. Our tuition includes enrollment fee, tuition, books, and classroom fees.

In order to keep tuition affordable for families, we offer the opportunity to reduce tuition costs through fundraising, multiple student discounts and

2019 Tuition Costs

Preschool: $2,500
Kindergarten: $2,500
First-Fourth Grade: $2,700
Fifth-Eight Grade: $3,100
Ninth-Twelfth: $3,600

*Tuition cost includes: enrollment fee, tuition, books, and classroom fees.

  • Fundraising per family $1200.00
  • Family Service fee per family 10 hours or $100.00
  • Tuition discount for multiple children


The first monthly payment of the school year is due at orientation.  After that each monthly payment is due on the 15th of the month.

Family Service:

Family Service Program is an opportunity to become involved at Skeels Christian School.  Each family will be charged a $100.00 service fee per year.  This amount may be reduced each semester through Family Service Hours.  For every hour worked, $10.00 will be deducted from your family service fee.  Please note that 5 hours of your family service hours must be used at a fundraising event.  If you are unable to work your family service hours, you may designate others, such as relatives, church family or friends to work for you.  Students are encouraged to help fulfill family service hours when accompanied by their parents.


Fundraising is a critical part of the success of Skeels Christian School.  It allows Skeels to bring you affordable Christian education.  This is why your participation in our fundraising events is imperative.  The opt-out charge is $1200.00 for the school year.  Families who choose not to opt out will be responsible for a total of $1200.00 that will be billed to you at orientation.  This number will decrease as you meet your fundraising goal.  Your account will be credited dollar for dollar for each fundraiser.

A variety of fundraising opportunities have been made available to our families to help meet your fundraising responsibility. ANY amount over $1200.00 will be credited to your account at 50% and may be used toward end of the year field trips or early enrollment for the next school year.

 Tuition Calculator

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