The history of Skeels Christian School, Carl M. Briggs Elementary Wing and the Dr. George L Coon High School Wing.

Under the leadership of Pastor Carl M. Briggs, along with several members of the Skeels Baptist Church, a kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school was started in 1975. Then known as Skeels Northern Christian School, using the model of the one-room schoolhouse, the first classes were held in the basement of the church. With an enrollment of approximately 13 young students, students were taught core curriculum and Bible by only one teacher.

As the school continued to increase in numbers, and space was running out in the church basement, it became evident that a change would have to happen. With a donated piece of property, work began on a permanent home for the school. A new seven-room school opened in the fall of 1978. On May 12, 2017 Skeels Christian School dedicated the original school building as the Carl M. Briggs Elementary Wing. This dedication took place after the passing of Pastor Carl M. Briggs earlier that year. Pastor Briggs was the founder of Skeels Christian School and the pastor of Skeels Baptist Church at the time the school started in 1975.

A decade later a high school wing, Dr. George L Coon High School Wing with administrative offices were completed. Dr. Coon was the pastor of Skeels Baptist Church during the building of our high school building.  By 2000 a full-size gym and cafeteria had been added, completing what is now known as Skeels Christian School.

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